Love and Liberty

LOVE & LIBERTY is an online gallery featuring original works, limited editions, rare and fine art prints in a variety of printing techniques: etching, photographic silver print, archival pigment print, monoprint, and others. 


Suddenly Dance Theatre

David Ferguson is co-Founder and Artistic co-Director of the 28 year-old company Suddenly Dance Theatre Society, which supports the development, creation, presentation, and preservation of the dance arts through collaboration and diverse media to reach the widest possible audience. 

Suddenly Media Productions

Founded in 2005, Suddenly Media Productions exists to develop, create, produce, and distribute new media works made for public art gallery, stage, print, broadcast television and feature film. 

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David Ferguson is a Canadian writer, painter, and producer of dance and film. He is the Artistic co-Director of Suddenly Dance Theatre in Victoria, BC Canada. 

Ferguson wins Chrystal Dance Prize

Dance Victoria Announces Winners of the Chrystal Dance Prize - Projects (2020).

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