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Working with Suddenly Dance Theatre and Suddenly Media Productions, David Ferguson has produced made-for-tv dance films, silent films for composers, atmospheres and designs for LIVE stage productions and public installations.

Most of his media projects have included his longtime collaborator and multi-talented artist Miles Lowry, in the role of co-Director, Director, Designer, or Composer.



(in development)

an international collaboration

Canada / South Korea


Coming in 2020, We Are Diamonds is a new dance film directed by David Ferguson. The 24 minute work features dance artists Hoyeon Kim and Jungha Lim from South Korea's Dab Dance Project, along with Jooha Lee, Gunwoo Jun, and Choi Youngtak.

Sound and Design: Miles Lowry

Director of Photography: Daniel Carruthers

This is an excerpt from an edit-in-progress.

*This project has been supported by Blue Poet D.T (South Korea); Crimson Coast Dance Society; Dancing on the Edge; Dab Dance Project (South Korea), and from Dance Victoria’s residency program. Special Thanks to Lloyd Howard and Martin Bonham for their support. With thanks to: Samuel Binette, Holly Bright, Ken Flett, Marianne Goodrich, Heather Keenan, Bernard Sauvé, Donna Spencer, Shireen McNeilage, Linda Rogers, and Stephen White. Funded with the generous support of the CRD Arts Commission and the BC Arts Council.

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